Finishers and Completers, which one is you?

Finished and completed… Although the two words are synonymous to each other in the dictionary, there is a very distinctive quality that separates fundamentally their meaning.

Something that is finished is something depleted, something ended, there is nothing left. Something that is complete on the other hand is something that has all pieces together, something that is whole.

In a mathematical sense while finishing is a function that limits to 0 from 1, completing is a function that limits to 1 from 0.

Understanding this difference is also understanding two key character traits: The Finisher and The Completer.

The Finisher is focused, locked in. He is going to pursue his target to death. Once that target is terminated he is ready to move to the next. Not much questioning, the Finisher is a soldier, he works on absolutes. His features allow him to have the sharpest skills that allow him to finish the tasks at hand in the most efficient way.

The Completer is a visionary; he could not be able to move without seeing the whole picture first. His most preferred perspective is the birds eye view. While at work he would need to take few steps back every now and then to admire his creations, questioning their meaning on the grander scale of life. Very difficult in accepting orders, the Completer is an artist.

The Finisher is a doer; he finds joy in the action, being idle is a torture to him. Inclined to think that no one could do his job better then him, he would find delegating very hard and end up in micro managing or doing the task himself.

The Completer is a thinker; you might find him often still, but you should not mistake that stillness with laziness, those moments might be his most creative ones. If possible he would prefer to delegate most of the work in order to find peace in watching all the pieces come together.

While the Finisher could get lost in the details, the Completer would get lost in his vision, resulting in paralysis.

The finish line is where the Finisher satisfied with himself goes home, the same finish line is where the Completer looks back at the road he travelled in awe.

It’s when one learns from the other, and finds his place in this world that the magic happens. Even if I believe the core is imprinted at DNA level, it is definitely possible to develop one’s personality to include skills from the other:

Nothing is complete until what needs to be done is finished…

Equally valuable, a corporation (or any other social endeavor) needs to be careful in having the right amount of traits in the right positions to properly function and be successful. And also often have workshops to cross-pollinate between each other.

And if a person is neither a Finisher nor a Completer, beware! As they bare the most dangerous potential for stagnation.

From a metaphysical perspective completing is religion while finishing is science and:

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. ~Einstein

Sadok Kohen
“In truth, without deceit, certain and most veritable”

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  1. Nathalie

    A soldier holds his breath until he is able to release it, which is when the task is finished whereas an observer breathes without holding, which is always.