What I saw through the fog of tear gas

There are history books, accounts of events, telling us what happened in the past; there are philosophy books, giving us access to various perspectives on how to decipher those events in search for The Truth; there are psychology books, even if still scraping the surface of the human psyche, with some clues about the connection between events, emotions and actions; there are science books, ongoing experiments on the mechanics of that psyche… And then there are stories, stories that transcend through the ages, kaleidoscopes of original ideas, organic quantum containers of the collective consciousness, storing all the knowledge and wisdom of all those books into simple phrases with direct access to our awareness.

Sadly today, I will not tell you such a story, I wish I could; but today, all those books made me see what was hidden before my eyes with such clarity that took all the fantasy away. Today, I will simply tell you what I saw, and I am using the term seeing in the most scientific terms, no metaphors, no hidden meaning. Believe me: “knowing” is not seeing and seeing is definitely not knowing; so each time I use the word, please realize it is not a perspective, it is not an opinion, it is not judgment…

It all started with an act of peaceful protest to protect a park that was doomed to be turned into a building, a shopping mall to be exact. I saw people singing at the shadow of those trees, reading books, telling stories, feeling together for a change, an occasion to put into action their ideals, an opportunity to feel true to themselves.

Then I saw a heavily armed police unit, out of nowhere, tearing apart that togetherness with such hatred, such force, and such brutality. They were not there to stop the act; they were there to destroy the idea.

The idea that one is free to act on his beliefs, the idea that one is entitled to a voice, the idea that one can express himself, the idea that one can chose not to be afraid… The idea of freedom!

What I saw after is what I have heard in history books, watched in movies, told in stories: there might have been hundreds behind the action of peaceful protest but there were millions behind the idea.

And I saw those millions fill the streets. I saw flags representing opposing beliefs walking peacefully side by side. I saw young and old, walking towards that park. But it was not the park we were walking to, I saw a park transcend into the archetypical symbol it really was: during the revolution the building that the government was trying to re-build was destroyed by Ataturk, the father of the republic, for the reason that groups inside that building were plotting to bring a totalitarian regime instead of democracy. The same Ataturk has planted those trees in place of that building.

So I saw that for the government too, it was more then a simple act of oppression and control. They were also fighting, but for a different idea, a hidden agenda to build a pillar of their ideology in the middle of the city.

And I saw them putting the methods and tools of that ideology into action: Brutality, excessive use of power, abuse… total madness.

Then I saw another “legend” come to life: the illusion of the free press. Not one major media reported the events as they happened for all 3 days, not one. When millions of people were on the street, there was not one channel covering the story. This was so absurd and so irrational that I am actually really happy it happened. The media being totally controlled by the government was so bluntly so unmistakably before our eyes that the disenchantment was immediate: even more people rushed to streets to see and experience with their own eyes what was really going on.

The social media did its job in keeping us all informed; but I also saw how easily disinformation can run through the same channels, difference being that as by nature not being built to be controlled, the disinformation is much more easily filtered by good sense and education.

I saw a prime minister so full of himself, so focused on his target, so anxious to get there, so disconnected from such a large portion of the country (at least 50%) so unaware of the scale of the movement that he dared ignite it even more by calling those people bums and alcoholics on TV; playing the bully, threatening them to start a civil war by bringing to the streets “his” people: “You bring 500.000? I can bring 1 Million if I want!”… and I saw no one, not one journalist being able to confront him on those words.

Again I am so happy to have seen all this, it was as if for a moment, the curtain has been ripped apart to show what was really going on behind it. A glimpse inside an idea so totalitarian, so brutal and so “real”, lurking in the shadows.

Because finally that was what we really were able to see: the true, naked identity of what was so meticulously covered throughout so many years.

It is not the first time that this fight has been fought, it is not the last. It does not concern only Turkey, an idea has no borders, it is not about today it is timeless..

What will happen now is for future history to tell but the past tells us that any idea needs a leader to become a real movement, and today there is no one around…

The truth changes people and so we are changed. One-way or another one day we will be part of history, philosophy, psychology and science… And they will also tell stories about “us”, so we need to think individually really hard, what role we would like to play.

Sadok Kohen

In truth, without deceit, certain and most veritable.

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