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After winning the special prize of “power of thought and philosophical creativity” in the Philosophy Olympics in 1995 (you can find the text here), I wanted to combine thought with knowledge and decided to study Computer Science.

Having done my share of corporate work in Microsoft for 4 years my entrepreneurial drive got me out and lead me trough a series of different ventures. They all happened to be on the edge of technology varying from online marketing and voip in 2001 to the online gaming industry later on.

I today continue to build new ventures where I see opportunities and chase exciting business wherever they present themselves to me.

I tend to see the future always brighter then yesterday as the light of knowledge that experience provides shines trough. And Today, well, its a beautiful day…

Sadok Kohen
In truth, without deceit, certain, and most veritable…

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  1. Ömer Can

    Sadok bey , fikri önce dü?sel sonras?nda ise 2 arkada? beyin f?rt?nas? yaparak dal?nda tek olan al??veri? ve ?ans? bir araya getiren projeyi fikir ve ara?t?rmalar?n sonucunda getirilebilecek en uç noktaya getirdik. herkes gibi bizim bu fikrimizi verelim , satal?m veya birlikte yapal?m do?rultusunda ilerlemek de?il de bu sektörde ileri gelen insanlardan fikrimiz hakk?nda ne dü?ündükleri ve fikrimize fikirle ve deneyimleriyle katk?da bulunabilirler mi sorusudur.E?er bize fikrimizi sizinle payla??p fikirleriniz ile bize katk?da bulunma ?ans? tan?rsan?z çok mutlu oluruz kolay gelsin.

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