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What About Existence

The thinking man, a universal subliminal message hidden in the ether of collective consciousness. Why am I?

Faith, belief that there is meaning.

Art, search for meaning.

Philosophy, art of meaning.

Consciousness, the primary tool of life, the primal matter of existence.

Choice is the creator of time, without choice there couldn’t be change, without change no life.

Living through choices we create experiences, which through awareness expand our consciousness. But aren’t all experiences created equal by definition?

The existentialist dream.

That would create meaning in the experience within itself, at the same time killing the meaning of choice. Though if the choice has no meaning the “I” is dead too, and without the I there is no choice in the first place, therefore a paradox is created.

So the only option is to nullify the assumption that consciousness can be expanded.

What if consciousness could be only experienced ?

Our choices being the pulses of a labyrinth of infinite experiences, vibrating at various frequencies flowing back life into consciousness, keeping it “alive”.

Giving the “I” a chance to get stuck in the labyrinth as well as to discover several layers of being and not only the existential worldly one.

“How could they see anything but the shadows if they were never allowed to move their heads?”
? Plato, The Allegory of the Cave

Sadok Kohen

In truth, without deceit, certain and most veritable





If a tree falls in a forest

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” is a question that I have been asked more then a few times during my school years as an essay.

I always thought it was a stupid question: off course it does! How selfish of humans to think that human perception is the center of the world (the argument of George Berkley, the original inquisitor of such a question, whom philosophized about reality being only human perception). I got straight A’s arguing that the forest is “some ONE”, the animals, even the other trees “hearing”. I even argued the physics of sound, and that the sound waves existed regardless of a receiving agent…

And for some reason every now and then, when I see a forest, that question keeps coming to my mind, and I keep dismissing it, as I already had “the answer” for it.

This morning going through the forest, the same question popped again and I was just about to dismiss it that it dawned on me: I could not be so wrong!

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What kind of Captain are you? (and what kind of boat are you on)

The word “captain” comes from the latin word caput meaning “head”; anything that you do using your head, assuming you are the sole master of your thoughts and actions, literally makes you a captain!

And no captain is a captain without a ship: weather it be your company or a relationship: anything in your life that has a direction and needs guidance is a vessel.

The Row-Boat

Sometimes you find yourself on a row-boat, its mostly about strength, stamina, endurance and momentum. Passengers are mostly dead weight if they cannot help, and if they do help, they are only “helpful” if you are in perfect sync, otherwise they could be pejorative. Outside conditions have a direct impact on you, even a small current shift can make your life much harder or easier, depending on your direction. You can go quite a bit on a row boat, but the speed and distance you can travel on it is very limited, on the other hand it builds muscles and experience about the sea and even if you are thrown overboard its easy to jump back on it. Agility is a big issue, you get immediate feedback on your turns but its cumbersome and slow to change direction, so you need to have a very clear idea where you are going from the start, draw a straight line and almost never look “back” but for small adjustments.

The row-boat is what’s given to you as a birth right. The beauty of it is that no one can take that away from you. It’s easy to fix, even to rebuilt when it is totally trashed. The row-boat is what should give you the confidence that even when you hit rock bottom, you always have what’s needed to come back afloat and go wherever you chose to.

The Motor Boat

The motor boat is an adventure, a thrill, a passion. It’s about finding all the fuel you can find and navigating through different islands mostly undiscovered in search for a treasure sketched on a map that is far from perfect. Coming in different sizes and speeds, motor boats are very agile, very fast and manageable. To be enjoyed with friends or like minded people but does not allow for too many. Not suited for higher seas or very long trips, they are the perfect means for short and tricky journeys. Reflexes at high speed are key on those rides, they easily tip off and once they do the engine is bust. Intuition and vision are other skills the captain of such vessels shall require: the burn rate is high and finding fuel in the middle of the sea is quite often a challenging task.

The motor boat is a start-up, an entrepreneurial endeavour, being personal or business: it’s about having a dream and chasing after it with a mighty force of will. It’s about discipline and learning or more likely applying that learning towards the achievement of a goal. The motor boat is the spark, it’s fun and easy to ride but it’s mostly short in lifetime. It is not very stable and does not do well against storms or unexpected conditions or obstacles. The beauty is that turning it around is very fast and easily done, as long as you can see that obstacle in due time. Read more…


What I saw through the fog of tear gas

There are history books, accounts of events, telling us what happened in the past; there are philosophy books, giving us access to various perspectives on how to decipher those events in search for The Truth; there are psychology books, even if still scraping the surface of the human psyche, with some clues about the connection between events, emotions and actions; there are science books, ongoing experiments on the mechanics of that psyche… And then there are stories, stories that transcend through the ages, kaleidoscopes of original ideas, organic quantum containers of the collective consciousness, storing all the knowledge and wisdom of all those books into simple phrases with direct access to our awareness.

Sadly today, I will not tell you such a story, I wish I could; but today, all those books made me see what was hidden before my eyes with such clarity that took all the fantasy away. Today, I will simply tell you what I saw, and I am using the term seeing in the most scientific terms, no metaphors, no hidden meaning. Believe me: “knowing” is not seeing and seeing is definitely not knowing; so each time I use the word, please realize it is not a perspective, it is not an opinion, it is not judgment… Read more…

Ken Robinson: How to escape education’s death valley

I agree to everything he says. We need to move!

Sadok Kohen
“In truth, without deceit, certain and most veritable”


Finishers and Completers, which one is you?

Finished and completed… Although the two words are synonymous to each other in the dictionary, there is a very distinctive quality that separates fundamentally their meaning.

Something that is finished is something depleted, something ended, there is nothing left. Something that is complete on the other hand is something that has all pieces together, something that is whole.

In a mathematical sense while finishing is a function that limits to 0 from 1, completing is a function that limits to 1 from 0.

Understanding this difference is also understanding two key character traits: The Finisher and The Completer.

The Finisher is focused, locked in. He is going to pursue his target to death. Once that target is terminated he is ready to move to the next. Not much questioning, the Finisher is a soldier, he works on absolutes. His features allow him to have the sharpest skills that allow him to finish the tasks at hand in the most efficient way.

The Completer is a visionary; he could not be able to move without seeing the whole picture first. His most preferred perspective is the birds eye view. While at work he would need to take few steps back every now and then to admire his creations, questioning their meaning on the grander scale of life. Very difficult in accepting orders, the Completer is an artist.
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The Fallacy of the Zero-Sum Game

The concept of a “game” has been in our culture since milleniums, maybe since the beginning of our history, and yet it is very hard to define with certainty what constitues a game. Let me try to summarize the various dictionary terms first in order to give some context on how the meaning of a game is perceived in society:

1: activity engaged in for diversion or amusement
2: a procedure or strategy for gaining an end
3: a physical or mental competition conducted according to rules with the participants in direct opposition to each other
4: any activity undertaken or regarded as a contest involving rivalry, strategy, or struggle

The real etymology of the word game though is coming from the proto-germanic word gamann: ga- collective prefix + mann- person, to mean “people together”.

On the other hand many ideologies, thinkers, philosophers and scientists (from voltaire to einstein) have quoted life to be a game in itself so that our popular culture also have started to refer to living in gaming terms.

But our ego’s made sure that out of all kind of games we could play, the third and forth meaning of the word took precedence.

Sadly the perceived result has become something like: Life is… a physical or mental competition conducted according to rules with the participants in direct opposition to each other
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Time, Space and Motion as Ancient Data Structures

“The law of causality, I believe, like much that passes muster among philosophers, is a relic of a bygone age, surviving, like the monarchy, only because it is erroneously supposed to do no harm.” ~Bertrand Russell

Cause and effect, I must say a very elegant and convenient way to teach how the world works. It fits so perfectly to the perceivable lower dimensions of our awareness: Space, Time and Motion. I will try to explain why these three are only functions of life. Algorithms and rulesets that we built to perceive what really IS and nothing more. They do not exist per-se, they can be replaced with more advanced logics once they truly can be seen that way.

Let me:

Every action is the result of a conscious or unconscious choice: There cannot be any cause or effect if nothing “decides” to “do” (Not doing anything is also doing something, but I will come to that later). But when is the choice taking place?
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Life is… a Game of Poker

While driving to work this morning my mind somehow shifted from the primordial question “What is life about?” to the poker game I have scheduled for tonight and suddenly some dots connected in an interesting way:

The Pre-Flop:

When you first start to play (at birth) you are dealt some cards, these cards represent your parents, your environment, your financial situation, your health and everything else that you have no control over. You are new to the game, you don’t really know what to do with these cards, how to play them, you try to understand them, to weigh them. You play them and lose some, you play them and win some…

There are some different rules in this specific game, what you are dealt at pre-flop does not improve until you learn how to win with what you have got! Your pocket cards improve every time you win and they never deteriorate unless you don’t understand your mistakes when you lose. Because losing is some times more valuable then winning as the amount of information you can gather from such a hand is priceless.  So the luck factor for this stage of the game is only valid when your very first hand is dealt.

Maybe you are lucky, maybe you are not. The beauty and agony of the pre-flop is that at the early stages of the game there is not really much you can do but to try and understand the environment, the other players, the rules and the game. Some will do so by check/folding for a while, some will bet to test the table and some will go all in no matter what…

Have you ever watched a toddler go all in pre-flop? It is such an inspiring sight! Equally scary too…

There are times when the blinds are raised and your bankroll is short, there are times when you are the chip leader and wanna play it slow. There are times when you are steaming and times when you try to bluff but bluffing at this stage almost never works, yes, you might steal the blinds I guess; that’s not my kind of play.

There are also some cheaters but the pit boss is all mighty, he eventually catches everybody and getting caught ain’t pretty!

The more you play, the more you get a hang of it. It is when you really understand that life is really won or lost at pre-flop that you have mastered the game.
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