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Fi: An unforgiving mirror, reflecting us in contrast to our true potential

Plato’s Theory of Ideas is telling us that every “person” (every form, every entity or every event) is a reflection of an abstract Idea of that person. This Idea is holding in its abstraction the full potential of it and life on earth is simply a game of light that passes through prisms of such Ideas.

A cabalistic story tells us that when we die there is only one punishment, and that is to be placed in front of a special mirror and be shown what your true potential could have been.

I always found this punishment to be very deep and very scary!

It would take an incredible amount of mastery of language and an angelic insight on the “true” mechanics of life, relationships and human psyche to be able to bring to earth such a heavenly mirror, and it would turn that punishment into a blessing: a chance to redeem ourselves.

This book is such a mirror: it blatantly shows us with all its clarity how all the missed opportunities, the wrong turns, our belief systems, our courage, passion and lust shapes us for better or for worse who we are and who we could have become!

But its not only about being able to bring such a mirror down to earth as it would be very hard to look carefully, directly at it! Fi allows us to ease into it, by taking us through a very personal and familiar journey, leaving us at the end to realize who we really can be…

Thank you Azra for bringing us all this very precious gift! You all can find it here:

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Creating Masters in Love! How did we reverse education

It has always amazed me how ancient knowledge can still stay so relevant and how easily we are capable of disregarding it.

In ancient Egypt, the first educational institutions where aimed to pass from generation to generation what they would call sacred knowledge. The Hermetic way would have three stages, and the pyramids shape represents this flow.

The bottom level was the Philosophicum, the discussions here were open to all public. The goal here was to understand the “why” and “what” of the subject.

Philosophy: Love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-discipline. Investigation of the nature, causes, or principles of reality, knowledge, or values, based on logical reasoning rather than empirical methods.

This process was designed to encourage people to ask questions, to think deeper and search for their own truth while also listening to different points of view. Joining into debates and reflecting on the various perspectives was key to have an understanding of the matter at hand.

To give a contemporary example, it would be like to ask a primary school kid “why does language exist?” or “what is mathematics?” and not dismiss the questions with simple “because that is how we communicate” or “it is like a gym for your brain” but really allow and lead to have deeper profound conversations and allow the thinking process to expand. This is the only way to teach that there is not only one way but many. It is the exact opposite of the multiple choice test, it is the multiverse test.
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