Why we build? The dangerous mind of an engineer in love

It is very inspiring to see that year after year we see huge improvements in durability, design, efficiency and overall quality in almost every area of our consumer lives.

Be it a building, a service or a simple tool, everything that you can buy or utilize has been improved in many ways. Interestingly enough while the main driver of the improvement seems to be the economy and what they call the ‘free markets’, when you look closely you will see that the real visionaries, the paradigm changers, the pioneers of advancement never did this for the money. They did earn a lot of it, but it was only an end result never the goal.

It all starts in how we look at things. There are people that look and remain in awe and get intimidated, there are people that look and do not get it so they stone what they see either in malice or jealousy, there are people that look and try to copy but never quite get it right and always stay behind… There are many kind of people, that look but do not see. And then there are this other people, the people who see something and they immediately try to think on how it could be done better. They see every problem as a challenge, an opportunity to evolve…

This is why, this is how we create. This is why regardless of our economy, regardless of any political regime or regulation, evolution will never stop.

Mark Zuckerberg commented on the movie “the Social Network” by saying:

“They just can’t wrap their head around the idea that someone might build something because they like building things.”

I do not only agree completely but think that it is more then liking, it is a crave, it is “love” to build… the same crave and love that created the Universe, after all whatever or whoever created the Universe, into the face of Darwin, was clearly an “Engineer in love”!

Sadok Kohen
“In truth, without deceit, certain and most veritable”