Basic Needs…

Its very hard to understand human psyche.

We live in an amazing world: We can reach all kinds of information at the press of a button, we can video call long distance and collaborate on a document with several people scattered all over the world. We can single handedly reach 1 Million people and communicate to them directly without the influence of any socio-political filter. We are capable of aggregating information to our liking and build our own personal newspaper. We can build our own community and share our life and know about our friends like never has been possible before, even broadcast ourselves. We can watch what we want when we want, and we can decide what others should watch or read and make our opinion matter…

Then we can travel all over the world in a matter of hours. We can remain in touch with all the above with a small device in our pockets, we can hold a library in our other pocket and a whole music collection in our jacket.

We do all this, and we do it naturally, elegantly… Almost unconsciously…

A friend told me, in regards to having Internet on a plane: “So you see, you are miles high in the sky, actually flying, sitting comfortably and flying, having your drink, your friends your music and reaching the other end of the world in the middle of the sky, you will be somewhere totally different, a new adventure is expecting you… and you go: ‘Fuck it, the net  is so slow on this plane!’ ”

I wonder how while continuing to pursue new horizons we could constantly remind ourselves of our real basic needs: Health, Nature and Love… always were, always will be enough for the pursuit of happiness.

Sadok Kohen

Iphone: How a Fad becomes Phat !

I was very skeptical at the whole Iphone craze.

The device obviously lacked major features almost standard in any other phone. The very few applications available limited the actual use of the breakthrough screen technology and the keyboard was incomparable to any qwerty.

Then with the 3G version, with lots of fixes and improvements on the stability and hardware, came the Apps Store.

Now virtually anybody can develop applications, and what applications! People who really understand software are starting to use the full potential of the beatiful device wich was craving to be usefull.

Its still lacks some basic, important features (copy/paste…why?) but the usefulness of the applications, and the USER EXPERIENCE in capital letters is definitely worth the hassle now.

You still wont have a good phone, but who uses the phone to actually make a call anymore ?

Screen, Browsing, Email, Messaging, Social Apps, Games, Music, Video, Podcasts, Pictures, Storage, Connectivity, Utilities, Contacts, GeoAwareness: function and experience wise are the best on the market, and not compared to All-in-one devices but comparing each feature to the best portable device who’s job is to do something specific.

Phone, Camera and Typing features are not even close, but they are not so bad + its sexy as hell (can’t believe I am saying this, but it really is) and the rest makes it a definite buy!

I am once more amazed at Steve Jobs vision! I am sorry I didn’t buy into it without first actually seeing where this all was going to…