is finally up and running!

It has been 5 months since the decision was made for a new start-up. It was a new country, a new business model, a new challenge. 5 months of hard work, sleepless nights and tough decisions.

There was to localize, there was to develop, there was to structure, there was to partner, there was to invest, there was to decide, there was to market, there was to support, there was to design, there was to hire, there was to buy, there was to sell…

Then there was to finally launch!!

And there is to localize, there is to develop, there is to structure, there is to partner, there is to invest, there is to decide, there is to market, there is to support, there is to design, there is to hire, there is to buy, there is to sell…

The unexplainable feeling of traveling uncharted seas, of finding new horizons and building your home on virgin lands. Setting your own standards of excellence in doing so…

I love start-upping! I love my job… is born… and growing up!

Sadok Kohen

That Irreplaceable Taste

I had the chance to spend the weekend with some great chefs and gourmet people in Andora province of Savona. Its amazing on how much there is to know on the smallest variations of taste among wine, cheese, spices and all sorts of other food. Talking about nuances in taste of various things I learned something very interesting from them. Apparently the best wines, the ones made by small local wineries, without the industrial processing, labeling and bottling can only be tasted in their original location.

To be clearer, the minute you buy those good wines and move them to another city (we are talking about few hundred kilometers) the taste of the wine drastically changes! The same applies to spices like the basilico, or the prezzemolo, lemon, oranges, cheese and all sorts of other food. This is due to changes in atmosphere pressure, altitude, climate and similar other factors.

Thinking about it, makes a lot of sense. The same rule is applicable to many local businesses. Not all businesses can go global, or when they do, they simply loose a lot of their flavor in the process. Sometimes the business has to change completely in order to be localized, and many businesses fail for not being able to adjust their model to the local needs. This is why Starbucks never tried entering Italy, or Subway didn’t succeed in Turkey. You can’t find a good Paella anywhere but in Spain, and the taste of Coke is simply different in every Country.

It is also applicable to experiences: there are a lot of coffee shops to go but the Starbucks experience is different, there are lots of hamburgers, but the Big Mac is the Big Mac. You have thousands of web sites where to shop, but Amazon is somewhat special…

Some experiences can simply not be duplicated.

If you can find that ingredient that gives you that special taste, the flavour that can be found only where you are, even if its just a small hint on the tip of your tongue, you’ll have that edge on everybody else, that unmistakable uniqueness, that’s hard to explain, but you know its there.

Sadok Kohen