Finishers and Completers, which one is you?

Finished and completed… Although the two words are synonymous to each other in the dictionary, there is a very distinctive quality that separates fundamentally their meaning.

Something that is finished is something depleted, something ended, there is nothing left. Something that is complete on the other hand is something that has all pieces together, something that is whole.

In a mathematical sense while finishing is a function that limits to 0 from 1, completing is a function that limits to 1 from 0.

Understanding this difference is also understanding two key character traits: The Finisher and The Completer.

The Finisher is focused, locked in. He is going to pursue his target to death. Once that target is terminated he is ready to move to the next. Not much questioning, the Finisher is a soldier, he works on absolutes. His features allow him to have the sharpest skills that allow him to finish the tasks at hand in the most efficient way.

The Completer is a visionary; he could not be able to move without seeing the whole picture first. His most preferred perspective is the birds eye view. While at work he would need to take few steps back every now and then to admire his creations, questioning their meaning on the grander scale of life. Very difficult in accepting orders, the Completer is an artist.
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Open Letter to Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Dear Eric,

It is only with respect and awe that I can express my appreciation in regards to all the various technological improvements that you brought into our lives in a way that is changing the way we live in a very fundamental way. I am so glad to see that you are not limiting yourself to the internet, but that you are bringing your problem solving skills to areas that many wouldn’t even dare challenge.

While most of the focus on the mobile market is about the competition you have against Apple, I clearly understand that for you Android is simply a platform enabling you to bring the innovation you have done for the web to our daily lives in a more personal and intimate way. Given the mobile OS options already in the market were not nearly robust enough for your standards and the iOS being closed your only option was to build your own. I can also understand your focus on reach over standardization. But I think you have tip toed your way around the question about OS fragmentation.
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