E-ntrepreneur from Sadok Kohen is finally up and running!

It has been 5 months since the decision was made for a new start-up. It was a new country, a new business model, a new challenge. 5 months of hard work, sleepless nights and tough decisions.

There was to localize, there was to develop, there was to structure, there was to partner, there was to invest, there was to decide, there was to market, there was to support, there was to design, there was to hire, there was to buy, there was to sell…

Then there was to finally launch!!

And there is to localize, there is to develop, there is to structure, there is to partner, there is to invest, there is to decide, there is to market, there is to support, there is to design, there is to hire, there is to buy, there is to sell…

The unexplainable feeling of traveling uncharted seas, of finding new horizons and building your home on virgin lands. Setting your own standards of excellence in doing so…

I love start-upping! I love my job… is born… and growing up!

Sadok Kohen