Living Asynchronously at all costs…

We don’t seem to have taken any lessons from Horace’s Carpe Diem

Seizing the day or every moment in that sense would mean to enjoy every emotion, every action and reaction that comes with it in that moment, in that exact perspective with everything around it. In this sense technology is allowing us to avoid most confrontations in life:

We prefer to write each others sms, emails and instant messages where we hide behind stylized fonts and emoticons to represent our virtual projections trough a filter of not who we are at that moment but who we want to represent.

We came to the point where trough social networks we have hundreds of friends that we really don’t know or care about and yet trough the ease of various technologies we easily remember to send them massively impersonal holiday greetings. We would never talk to them to cheer or never be with them in time of joy or sorrow, never share that instant feelings that would be there only for us to experience.

Last new years eve we sent 43 BILLION SMS messages around the globe. 43 Billion happy messages… How many of those 43 billion messages really meant something ?

This kind of fastfood massively multiplayed relationships make it impossible to have real one-to-one deep ones for a very simple fact: we decided to have lives with separate internal clocks, therefore we live asynchronously with everything around us, including the world: every man is an island… (contrary to John Donne)

We respond to feelings or problems in our own time, we join or leave discussions in our own time, we add, block or delete friends in our own time, we start or end relationships in our own time.

Technology is no evil, we just decide to make bad use of it (as we always did).

We have the illusion to be infinitely more connected then we used to be but connected so loosely that the real strong bonds that made the human race survive trough many tough times are simply not there anymore. New generations will probably not have a clue of what real friendship meant, or loyalty, or belonging…

Its so easy to divide and conquer were you don’t have to cut trough those tight knots we once had.

Don’t misinterpret me, I am all for liberty and I am not saying that bigotry, the power of the church, empires or kingdoms are better: those were not hand-by-hand, arm-by-arm knots but chains!

I am talking about big families, old towns, tribes, clans… On a bigger scale I am talking about being one with the universe, with the ecowatch and not the egowatch.

Sincronicity is a way of life, is a huge lesson, it needs will and training but most of all it means having a totally different mind set and surroundings.

“Walk lightly in the spring; Mother Earth is pregnant.”

I am not going to discuss what this means here, just listen to it… I wish we could feel this way one day!

An old Navajo saying says: You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep

So for who is not pretending: WAKE UP!