If a tree falls in a forest

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” is a question that I have been asked more then a few times during my school years as an essay.

I always thought it was a stupid question: off course it does! How selfish of humans to think that human perception is the center of the world (the argument of George Berkley, the original inquisitor of such a question, whom philosophized about reality being only human perception). I got straight A’s arguing that the forest is “some ONE”, the animals, even the other trees “hearing”. I even argued the physics of sound, and that the sound waves existed regardless of a receiving agent…

And for some reason every now and then, when I see a forest, that question keeps coming to my mind, and I keep dismissing it, as I already had “the answer” for it.

This morning going through the forest, the same question popped again and I was just about to dismiss it that it dawned on me: I could not be so wrong!

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A Man Cannot Hide!

I recently had a revelation, maybe one of the most important i ever had in my life. I can see much more clearly now and I felt the urge to share it often, this is a start. One sentence in a recent book I read (School for Gods) was saying:

A Man Cannot Hide ~ The Dreamer

But what does it mean? We have so externalized somehow our self from our surroundings that most of our daily events are experienced asĀ  “outside” events. This is the status quo, the universe observed as an alien, from the limited capacity of the human body.

How about the million choices, feelings, movements we almost unconsciously make every instant? We are the master of an infinite number of cells connected into an intertwined network of neurons, controlled directly by our mind.

Our mind though has a multi-personality disorder. One persona is the unconscious, the underground, hiding place of all orphan acts and emotions: all beggars, muggers, thieves, rapists, druggies, poor and hungry live there. This are the emotions that take over our feelings and rotary controls the minute that we stop to be aware.

How would you expect a world controlled by this bunch to reflect into your being: a state of fear, scarcity, violence, loneliness and depression. Sounds familiar?

There are some that let the thugs run the show while others like the swindlers better: acting, masterfully creating a con world around themselves. Some let the victims run the show, some the lazy, some the corrupt, there are many faces to this world, many sleazy characters…

And EVERY MAN knows for himself about EVERY SINGLE ONE of this monsters, he knows them by name, he knows in the bottom of his heart that all this creatures are his bastard children left on the street with the hope that they would go away… But there is no place to go, and no where to hide: A Man, therefore, Cannot Hide!

While everything we do consciously shines and flourishes inside us into a beautiful garden, every neglected act or feeling that is not under the influence of our shining aware mind, is left orphan to rot inside us.

And our world, what we call our external world, is the direct reflection of this two worlds overlapped. Whoever controls our inner world commands every event happening on the outside and we ARE the only God of our inner world, therefore the only God of our outside world as well.

The choice is ours to go and reclaim every orphan from the dark pits of our soul, and don’t be mistaken, we have all the necessary resources to take care of each one of them, the energy source is infinite, once you understand how to tap into it.

All the distractions we created to forget about this hidden world are feeble gestures to justify our cruel and flawed livelihood, gestures of desperation, gestures to be found in every orphan mind craving for love and craving to be owned by their true father.

Don’t try to hide, a man cannot. Its never as awful as it seems. Its never too hard, its never too late. Its now, and that’s all there is…

Sadok Kohen
“In truth, without deceit, certain and most veritable”